Façades getting finished

It’s getting cold outside. Time to finish the façades! We’re installing yellow cement fibre panels on the prefabricated façade elements. A contemporary twist on the colourful concept of the VUB student houses.

We have façades

In only two days the whole façade of the Circular Retrofit Lab was assembled. The whole envelope is being made water and airtight now so we can start the technical and interior works.

Prefabricated façade elements

All the façade elements were prefabricated following the modularity of the conrete structure. Window frames are integrated, simplifying the process even more.

Assembling the façade

The façade elements have arrived and are being assembled with a big crane. The prefabrication and assembly with simple bolted connections speeds up this process immensely.

CRL video: the making of

This week, a crew from Kanaal Z came by our campus to shoot a video about circular construction and the Circular Retrofit Lab. The video will be featured in a series on circular economy. Keep following this blog to see the result!

Façade profiles are mounted

The past days, Reynaers Aluminium installed the profiles for the side façade. Next week the prefabricated façade modules will be mounted. This view will be changing quickly from now on.