Business model workshop GDCB

VUB Architectural Engineering hosted a workshop at the third GDCB Inspiration Day in Brussels to bring the conclusions of the Learning Journey on Business Models.

Masterclass interdisciplinary course on sustainability

Full house at the Circular Retrofit Lab where Jeroen Poppe, Charlotte Cambier and Niels De Temmerman show VUB-students from Social and Engineering Sciences how they can create sustainable impact together.

Windows and cladding installed

The glazing has been installed and the cladding of the façade is nearly finished. With its yellow colour, the Circular Retrofit Lab starts to blend in nicely with the neighbouring residences on campus.

Movie about CRL and circular construction

Here is the result from when Kanaal Z came by our campus to shoot a video about circular construction and the Circular Retrofit Lab. The video is also featured in a series on circular economy.

Heating under raised floor

The pipes for the heating are installed underneath the dry system floor, which allows maintenance and replacement. Other services are installed in cable trays on the ceiling or in the demountable plinths.

Services are coming along

While the façade is being finished and the installation of the interior systems is being prepared, the services are coming along nicely. All are integrated reversibly in the raised floor or demountable wall systems.